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10 Types of Wire Fences in India

In India, various types of wire fences are used for different purposes, ranging from agricultural and livestock containment to security and residential applications. Here are some common types of wire fences in India:

1. Chain Link Fence:

  • Description: Consists of interwoven steel wires forming a diamond pattern. Available in various heights and gauges.
  • Uses: Commonly used for securing residential properties, playgrounds, sports fields, and industrial areas. Provides visibility while maintaining a level of security.

Galvanized Hexagonal GI Chain Link Fencing Mesh, Height: 6 feet, Mesh Size: 1.5 X 1.5 Inch

Chain Link Fence

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Mesh Size1.5 X 1.5 Inch
Wire Diameter2.8 mm
Height6 feet
Surface TreatmentGalvanized
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2. Barbed Wire Fence:

  • Description: Twisted wire with sharp barbs at regular intervals. Can be single or double-stranded.
  • Uses: Primarily used for agricultural fencing, rural property boundaries, and as a deterrent against trespassers. Offers a cost-effective solution for perimeter security.

Tata GI Barbed Wire, Wire Diameter: 2 mm

Tata GI Barbed Wire, Wire Diameter: 2 mm

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Wire Diameter2 mm
Surface TreatmentGalvanized
Barb Length13 mm
Barb Distance3-6 inches
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3. Concertina Wire Fence:

  • Description: Coiled razor wire with sharp edges. Can be single or double-coiled.
  • Uses: High-security applications, military installations, prisons, and sensitive areas. Offers a formidable physical barrier and acts as a deterrent against intruders.

Iron Galvanized Concertina Coils Fencing, Cross Razor, Coil Diameter: 450-930 mm

Iron Galvanized Concertina Coils Fencing, Cross Razor, Coil Diameter: 450-930 mm

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Coil Diameter450-930 mm
Razor TypeCross Razor
Surface TreatmentGalvanized
Number of Loops / Coil33 , 55/56 turns Per Coil
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4. Welded Wire Mesh Fence:

  • Description: Welded wire panels with square or rectangular openings. Available in various sizes and gauges.
  • Uses: Suitable for residential fencing, security perimeters, animal enclosures, and agricultural applications. Provides durability and a clean, modern look.

Fencing Weld Mesh

Fencing Weld Mesh

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Wire Diameter2 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
Usage/ApplicationSecurity Fencing
Size2 x 1 m
Material GradeSS304
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5. Electric Fence:

  • Description: Electrified wires or tape connected to a power source. Can include additional features like warning signs and energizers.
  • Uses: Used for livestock containment, security perimeters, and wildlife control. Provides an electric shock upon contact, discouraging unauthorized entry.
Electric Fence

6. Farm or Field Fence:

  • Description: Woven wire with various spacing configurations. Often includes graduated mesh openings.
  • Uses: Ideal for containing livestock, securing agricultural areas, and preventing animals from entering or leaving specific spaces. Offers flexibility for different animal types.

Agri Fencing

Agri Fencing

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7. Poultry Netting:

  • Description: Fine mesh wire designed to contain poultry. Available in rolls or sheets.
  • Uses: Used for creating enclosures for chickens and other poultry. Also employed in gardening to protect plants from birds and small animals.

Galvanized wire Poultry Farm Net

Galvanized wire Poultry Farm Net

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Usage/Applicationpoultry farm
Weave TypeHexagonal
FeaturesGID wire
MaterialGalvanized wire
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8. Hexagonal Wire Mesh (Chicken Wire):

  • Description: Hexagonal-shaped mesh, commonly available in rolls.
  • Uses: Versatile for various applications, including poultry enclosures, garden fencing, and protection against small animals like rabbits and rodents.

14 Gauge Hexagonal Chicken Wire Mesh

14 Gauge Hexagonal Chicken Wire Mesh

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Thickness14 Gauge (2.03 mm)
Hole ShapeHexagonal
Surface TreatmentHot Dipped Galvanized
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9. Rabbit Fence:

  • Description: Designed with smaller mesh openings to prevent rabbits from entering.
  • Uses: Used in gardens and agricultural settings to protect plants from rabbit damage. Also serves as a barrier to prevent rabbits from accessing specific areas.

Rabbit Fencing

Rabbit Fencing

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10. Bamboo and Wire Fence:

  • Description: Bamboo combined with wire mesh for fencing purposes. Provides a natural look.
  • Uses: Commonly used in rural and agricultural areas for livestock containment. Offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly fencing solution.

Cylindrical Bamboo Fencing half

Cylindrical Bamboo Fencing half

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Type Of WoodNatural Bamboo
Minimum Order Quantity500 Square Feet
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When choosing a specific type of wire fence, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the intended purpose, the level of security required, local environmental conditions, and budget constraints. Consulting with a fencing professional or local authorities can provide tailored advice based on specific needs and regulations.


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