Airport Road, Mohali: A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Options

Airport Road, Mohali - Dream House Listing


Airport Road in Mohali stands as a pivotal locality renowned for its strategic positioning and numerous real estate developments. Extending approximately 32 kilometres from IT City Chowk near Chandigarh International Airport to the Kurali-Chandigarh road, this road plays a crucial role in connecting various parts of Mohali, offering unparalleled proximity to the airport. The area has witnessed a surge in significant real estate projects, solidifying its status as a sought-after residential and commercial hub.

Airport Road Mohali

Real Estate and Property Information:

  • Various real estate portals like MagicBricks99 Acres, and Makaan list properties for sale on Airport Road. These platforms provide detailed information about property rates, projects, and available amenities.
  • The Mohali Airport Road Showrooms showcase a well-planned urban hub with world-class projects, including the WTC project, situated opposite the Chandigarh International Airport.

Infrastructure Developments and News:

Best Residential Projects Along Airport Road, Mohali:

  1. Marbella Grand (Sector 82A): For those seeking luxury, Marbella Grand offers ultra-spacious 3+1BHK, 4+1BHK, and Penthouses in the prime locations of Mohali IT City & Aerocity.
  2. Affinity Greens (PR7 Airport Road Zirakpur): A blend of luxury and affordability, Affinity Greens provides ready-to-move 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK flats and apartments.
  3. Noble Callista (Sector 66B): Prioritizing proximity to Aeroctiy, Noble Callista features ultra-luxury 3+1BHK, 4+1BHK, and 5+1BHK flats on Airport Road.
  4. Motia Aerogreens: For a premium plotting township, Motia Aerogreens on Airport Road offers luxury 3 & 4 BHK flats in Zirakpur.
  5. Uptown Skylla (Zirakpur): Additionally, Uptown Skylla on Airport Road, Mohali, Zirakpur, provides ultra-luxury 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK flats.
  6. Riverdale Aerovista: Explore Riverdale Aerovista adjoining Aerocity Block G Mohali for ready-to-move residential plots, villas, and 3BHK floors with lifts.
  7. Maxxus Elanza (PR7 Airport Road): For those seeking premium features, Maxxus Elanza on PR7 Airport Road offers premium luxury independent 3BHK floors.

Additional Options:

Explore projects like Ambika La Parisian in Sector 66B, offering 2,3,4 BHK apartments, or GBP Tech Town on Aerocity, ready-to-move residential projects.

For ongoing projects, Connaught Residency Extension in Sector 74, Mohali offers plots with RERA registration.

Remember to evaluate based on your preferences, budget, and specific requirements.

Best Residential Plots Prices & Locations Along Airport Road, Mohali:

For prime residential plots along Airport Road, consider options listed on 99Acres offering plots in the range of ₹68.6 Lac – ₹4.47 Cr. On MagicBricks, explore plots with prices starting from ₹68.6 Lac and verified options. Additionally, RealEstateIndia showcases plots like a 300 Sq. Yards plot in Aerocity.

For new residential plots, 99Acres lists options, and on Makaan, explore a plot in Sector 117 Mohali. Homeonline features plots in projects like Connaught Residency Extension.

Evaluate based on your preferences, budget, and specific requirements for a well-informed decision.

Mohali Real Estate Trends and Future Predictions:

To grasp the evolving trends and future predictions for real estate along Airport Road, Mohali, dive into valuable insights. For a comprehensive overview, read articles like “Investing in Residential Plots in Mohali: A Wise Decision” and “Mohali Real Estate News: An Insight into Plot Prices and Trends” to understand the current market dynamics and projections.

Additionally, stay updated with reliable platforms like Makaan and Hindustan Times for ongoing trends and the recovery of the real estate sector in Mohali. Understand the future landscape with insights from “The Future of Mohali Real Estate: Predictions for the Next Decade”.

Keep an eye on Property Rates in Airport Road, Mohali 2024 for the most recent data on property rates and price trends. Explore the master plan report by the Government of Punjab for a deeper understanding of the region’s vision for development.

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Impact of Chandigarh Metro on Airport Road Mohali Property Prices

The imminent arrival of the Chandigarh Metro is set to have a profound impact on property prices along Airport Road in Mohali. This development is poised to significantly enhance connectivity and accessibility, thereby influencing a notable appreciation in property values.

Metro’s Influence on Real Estate:

Chandigarh Metro Route Map

The Chandigarh Metro’s influence on real estate is expected to be transformative. By connecting key locations, the metro system is likely to elevate the desirability of neighborhoods along Airport Road, leading to a potential surge in property prices.

Key Factors Driving Growth:

Several factors, including the presence of a new international airport and the upcoming Chandigarh Metro link, contribute to making Mohali an attractive real estate market. These factors create a conducive environment for positive growth in property values.

Insights into Property Rates:

For specific insights into property rates in Airport Road, Mohali, platforms like 99acres can be valuable resources[9]. These platforms provide up-to-date information that can aid potential investors in making informed decisions.

Investment Opportunities:

Considering the positive transformations anticipated with the Chandigarh Metro project, investing in Mohali properties, especially along Airport Road, presents an exciting prospect for substantial returns. The enhanced connectivity and accessibility brought about by the metro system are likely to make these areas increasingly attractive to homebuyers and investors alike.

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