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Best Biblical House Names

Biblical House Names with References and Meanings:

House NameReferenceMeaning
Zion HavenPsalm 84:7A place of spiritual refuge and peace
Bethel BlessingGenesis 28:17House of God’s blessing
Emmanuel EstateMatthew 1:23God is with us
Graceful GoshenGenesis 45:10A place of divine provision and prosperity
Covenant CornerGenesis 17:7A dwelling under God’s covenant
Jericho JoyJoshua 6:20A house filled with triumphant joy
Sinai SanctuaryExodus 19:23A holy and sacred dwelling place
Galilee GloryMatthew 4:15-16A house shining with the light of Christ
Salem SerenityPsalm 76:2Peaceful residence in reference to Jerusalem
Bethsaida BlessingMark 8:22House of miraculous healing
Nazareth NestLuke 1:26-27A dwelling associated with the Holy Family
Gethsemane GardensMatthew 26:36A place of prayer and surrender
Zion’s RestPsalm 132:13-14A house where God’s presence dwells in rest
Calvary CrestLuke 23:33A home at the foot of the cross
Shechem ShelterGenesis 33:18A place of refuge and reconciliation
Carmel Comfort1 Kings 18:20-40A dwelling marked by God’s fiery presence
Moriah ManorGenesis 22:2A house of testing and obedience
Eden EnclaveGenesis 2:8-9A tranquil and blessed abode
Sinai SummitExodus 19:20A dwelling on the mountain of God
Hebron HarmonyGenesis 13:18A house of fellowship and unity
Jericho JubileeLeviticus 25:10A home marked by divine celebration
Zion’s ZealPsalm 69:9A house fueled by zeal for God’s house
Ebenezer Estate1 Samuel 7:12Stone of help – a house that acknowledges God’s help
Pisgah PeakDeuteronomy 34:1A dwelling with a view of God’s promises
Carmel Crest1 Kings 18:42A residence marked by prayer and rain
Nebo NestDeuteronomy 34:1A house with a view of God’s inheritance
Gilgal GraceJoshua 5:10-12A house of grace and new beginnings
Sinai SolaceExodus 33:22A dwelling under the shadow of God’s presence
Shiloh ShelterJoshua 18:1A place of rest and tranquility
Canaan CitadelNumbers 13:2A residence in the promised land
Eden’s EmbraceGenesis 2:24A house built on the foundation of marital unity
Maranatha Manor1 Corinthians 16:22“Come, Lord” – A house anticipating Christ’s return
Ephesus EdenRevelation 2:1-7A dwelling of love and faithfulness
Zion’s ZephyrPsalm 48:2A house where the wind of God’s Spirit blows
Damascus DwellingActs 9:11A residence marked by transformation and healing
Antioch AbodeActs 11:26A home associated with the early Christian community
Philippi PeacePhilippians 4:7A house filled with the peace of God
Patmos ParadiseRevelation 1:9A dwelling in the midst of heavenly visions
Thessalonica Terrace1 Thessalonians 1:1A residence known for faith and love
Bethsaida BeaconJohn 1:44A house associated with the discipleship of Philip
Berea BlessingActs 17:11A dwelling marked by a search for truth
Galatia GardenGalatians 1:2A house in the spirit of grace
Ephesus EchoEphesians 1:1A home resonating with the message of Ephesians
Philippi PorticoPhilippians 1:1A house known for partnership in the gospel
Colossae CourtyardColossians 1:2A residence in the heart of Paul’s letters
Thessalonica Threshold1 Thessalonians 1:1A dwelling known for faith, love, and endurance
Corinthian Courtyard1 Corinthians 1:2A house associated with the Corinthians
Timothy’s Terrace1 Timothy 1:2A dwelling with a mentoring and discipleship focus
Titus’ Tranquil TerraceTitus 1:4A serene residence in reference to Titus
Philemon’s PlacePhilemon 1:2A house associated with the letter to Philemon

These names draw inspiration from various biblical references, incorporating themes of faith, blessing, and divine presence.

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