WBM Full Form in Road Construction: Decoding the Abbreviation

WBM full form in Road Construction

In the world of road construction, “WBM” stands for Water Bound Macadam. It’s a traditional and cost-effective method for building roads, particularly for low-traffic areas and rural settings.

Here are some key points about WBM:

  • Construction: Crushed stones are layered on a prepared foundation and compacted. Water and stone dust act as binding agents, interlocking the stones for stability.
  • Advantages: Simple and affordable construction, good drainage, suitable for various terrains.
  • Disadvantages: Lower load-bearing capacity compared to other methods, requires regular maintenance, susceptible to dust and erosion.

I hope this clarifies the meaning and application of WBM in road construction! If you have any further questions about specific aspects of WBM roads, feel free to ask.

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