West Facing 20′ X 40′ Duplex House Plan With Car Parking – Dream House Listing

20 by 40 2 bhk house plan 800 sqft with car parking ground floor

West Facing 20′ X 40′ Duplex House Plan – 800 Sqft


  • Total Area: 800 Sqft (20′ X 40′)
  • Orientation: West Facing
  • With Car Parking


  1. Spacious Hall (10’0″ X 19’4″): Welcoming entrance area for gatherings and entertainment.
  2. Common Toilet (8’0″ X 4’0″): Convenient and accessible for guests.
  3. Bedroom (10’0″ X 12’8″): Cozy private space for relaxation.
  4. Kitchen (8’0″ X 11’10”): Functional cooking area with ample space for appliances and storage.
  5. Small Open Area (10’0″ X 5’6″): Outdoor space for relaxation or gardening.
  6. Car Parking: Dedicated space for a complete car parking solution.


  • Designed for optimal space utilization and functionality.
  • Incorporates modern aesthetics and practical design elements.
  • Perfect for small families or individuals seeking a comfortable and efficient living space.
  • Consideration for privacy and convenience in every room layout.

Conclusion: This West Facing 20′ X 40′ Duplex House Plan combines style and functionality, offering a smart layout with a spacious hall, private bedroom, and a well-equipped kitchen. The inclusion of a common toilet, a small open area, and dedicated car parking make it a complete and practical living solution. Ideal for those who appreciate efficient design without compromising on comfort.

West Facing 20' X 40' Duplex House First Floor Design

First Floor – 20′ X 40′ Duplex House (800 Sqft)


  1. First Bedroom (10’0″ X 12’8″):
    • A well-proportioned private space.
  2. Attached Toilet for First Bedroom (8’0″ X 5’8″):
    • Ensuite convenience and privacy.
  3. Lobby Area (11’4″ X 8’6″):
    • Transitional space connecting the bedrooms for added privacy.
  4. Balcony (8’4″ X 7’4″):
    • Outdoor space for relaxation or enjoying views.
  5. Second Bedroom (18’4″ X 10’4″):
    • Spacious bedroom for comfort.
  6. Attached Toilet for Second Bedroom (8’0″ X 5’6″):
    • Ensuite facility for the second bedroom.
  7. Open Area (10’0″ X 5’6″):
    • Additional outdoor space for various purposes.

Design Elements:

  • Thoughtful layout for optimal space utilization.
  • Bedrooms strategically placed for privacy.
  • Balcony for outdoor enjoyment.
  • Ensuite toilets for added convenience.
  • Aesthetic lobby area for a welcoming feel.

Conclusion: This First Floor design of the 20′ X 40′ Duplex House offers a well-thought-out arrangement, providing two comfortable bedrooms with ensuite facilities. The inclusion of a lobby area and balcony enhances the overall functionality and aesthetics, making it an ideal living space for those who appreciate a blend of style and practicality.

Final Completion of 20′ X 40′ Duplex House (800 Sqft) Example

Final Completion of  20' X 40' Duplex House (800 Sqft) Example

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