House Names Related to Goddess Durga

goddess durga

Durga, the divine embodiment of feminine power and strength, holds a significant place in Hindu mythology and culture. Revered as the ultimate symbol of feminine energy, she is worshipped in various forms across the Indian subcontinent. Her name, derived from the Sanskrit word “Durga” meaning ‘invincible’, reflects her prowess in vanquishing evil forces and restoring cosmic order.

Goddess Durga is often depicted as a radiant warrior goddess riding atop a lion or tiger, wielding an array of weapons in her multiple arms, symbolizing her ability to combat any adversity with courage and determination. She is the epitome of shakti (divine feminine energy), representing both creative and destructive aspects of existence.

House NameHouse Name (English)Meaning in English
अंबिका निवासAmbika NivasAbode of Goddess Ambika
भवानी आशियानBhavani AashianHome of Goddess Bhavani
चंडी भवनChandi BhavanMansion of Goddess Chandi
दुर्गा गृहDurga GrihaHome of Goddess Durga
महिषासुर मर्दिनी भवनMahishasura Mardini BhavanHouse of Mahishasura Mardini
शक्ति निवासShakti NivasAbode of Power
कात्यायनी आलयKatyayani AalaySanctuary of Goddess Katyayani
नवदुर्गा आवासNavadurga AwasResidence of Nine forms of Durga
काली विलाKali VillaVilla of Goddess Kali
चामुण्डा अश्रमChamunda AshramAshram of Goddess Chamunda
जय माँ भवनJai Maa BhavanHome of Victory Goddess
भद्रकाली निवासBhadrakali NivasResidence of Goddess Bhadrakali
माँ आशियानMaa AashianMother’s Abode
शेरावाली धामSherawali DhaamAbode of Lion-riding Goddess
देवी निवासDevi NivasGoddess’ Residence
सिद्धिदात्री आलयSiddhidatri AalayAbode of Siddhidatri
अम्बा आवासAmba AwaasResidence of Goddess Amba
जगदम्बा गृहJagdamba GrihaHome of Universal Mother
शैलपुत्री आलयShailputri AalayAbode of Shailputri
ब्रह्मचारिणी निवासBrahmacharini NivasResidence of Brahmacharini
वैष्णो देवी सदनVaishno Devi SadanAbode of Goddess Vaishno
स्कंदमाता आवासSkandmata AwaasResidence of Skandamata
कात्यायनी आवासKatyayani AwaasAbode of Katyayani
महागौरी निवासMahagauri NivasResidence of Mahagauri
सिद्धिदात्री आवासSiddhidatri AwaasAbode of Siddhidatri
कालरात्रि गृहKalaratri GrihaHome of Kalaratri
अर्धनारीश्वरी निवासArdhanareeshwari NivasResidence of Ardhanareeshwari
ब्रह्माण्डे गृहBrahmande GrihaHome in the Universe
महाकाली निवासMahakali NivasResidence of Mahakali
देवी आवासDevi AwaasGoddess’ Abode
महालक्ष्मी गृहMahalakshmi GrihaHome of Goddess Mahalakshmi
जयंती आवासJayanti AwaasAbode of Victory
श्रीरुक्मिणी निवासShri Rukmini NivasResidence of Goddess Rukmini
लक्ष्मी निवासLakshmi NivasResidence of Goddess Lakshmi
महाशक्ति आवासMahashakti AwaasAbode of Supreme Power
भुवनेश्वरी आलयBhuvaneshwari AalaySanctuary of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari
देवी कुटीरDevi KutirGoddess’ Cottage
उमा निवासUma NivasResidence of Uma
सिंहवाहिनी सदनSimhavahini SadanAbode of Lion-riding Goddess
महेश्वरी आश्रमMaheshwari AshramAshram of Goddess Maheshwari
नर्मदे निवासNarmade NivasResidence by the River Narmada
शिवधारा आवासShivdhara AwaasAbode by the Stream
दुर्गापाठशालाDurga PathshalaSchool of Goddess Durga
वरदानी आवासVardani AwaasAbode of Granting Blessings
देवीधामDevi DhaamDivine Abode
जगदम्बा आवासJagdamba AwaasAbode

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