Top 100 Indian House Names Inspired by Gods

Top 100 Indian House Names Inspired by Gods

In the symphony of life, the places we call home often echo the values, beliefs, and aspirations of those who inhabit them. One fascinating aspect of creating a sacred space is the practice of christening our abodes with names that carry profound meanings, often drawn from the rich tapestry of religious and mythological traditions. In this blog post, we embark on a journey through the spiritual realm, exploring the significance and charm of house names inspired by gods.

100 Indian house names inspired by gods along with their meanings:

  1. Ganesha Nilayam – Home of Lord Ganesha (Remover of Obstacles)
  2. Lakshmi Nivas – Abode of Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth)
  3. Shiva Kutir – Shiva’s Abode (Lord of Destruction)
  4. Vishnu Villa – Residence of Lord Vishnu (Preserver of the Universe)
  5. Parvati Bhavan – Parvati’s House (Goddess of Power and Love)
  6. Krishna Kunj – Garden of Lord Krishna (Divine Cowherd)
  7. Saraswati Sadan – Abode of Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge)
  8. Hanuman Heights – Dwelling of Lord Hanuman (Devotee of Lord Rama)
  9. Durga Dham – Home of Goddess Durga (Goddess of Strength and Protection)
  10. Radha Rang – Colors of Radha (Beloved of Lord Krishna)
  11. Brahma Bhavan – Brahma’s Residence (Creator of the Universe)
  12. Kali Kuteer – Kali’s Hut (Goddess of Time and Change)
  13. Rama Retreat – Retreat of Lord Rama (Prince of Ayodhya)
  14. Kartikeya Kripa – Blessings of Lord Kartikeya (God of War)
  15. Indra Ashraya – Shelter of Lord Indra (King of Devas)
  16. Surya Sankalp – Determination of Sun God (God of the Sun)
  17. Yamuna Yatra – Journey of the Yamuna River (Sacred River)
  18. Vaishnavi Vihar – Home of Devotees of Lord Vishnu (Worshippers of the Preserver)
  19. Ganga Griha – House by the Ganges (Holy River)
  20. Agni Aashirwad – Blessings of Lord Agni (God of Fire)
  21. Varuna Villa – Residence blessed by Lord Varuna (God of Water)
  22. Ambika Anugraha – Grace of Goddess Ambika (Goddess Durga)
  23. Kartikeya Kutir – Kartikeya’s Cottage (Son of Shiva and Parvati)
  24. Nandi Nivasa – Abode of Nandi, Shiva’s Bull (Divine Bull)
  25. Harihara Heights – Home of Harihara (Combination of Vishnu and Shiva)
  26. Gayatri Gruha – Home of the Gayatri Mantra (Vedic Hymn)
  27. Kuber Kuteer – Residence blessed by Lord Kuber (God of Wealth)
  28. Tridev Towers – Abode of the Holy Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)
  29. Vaikuntha Villa – Residence akin to Vaikuntha (Lord Vishnu’s abode)
  30. Annapurna Abode – Home of Goddess Annapurna (Goddess of Food)
  31. Skanda Sadana – Dwelling of Lord Skanda (God of War)
  32. Jai Jagannath – Victory to Lord Jagannath (Lord of the Universe)
  33. Vayu Vihar – Air God’s Home (God of Wind)
  34. Kamakshi Kuteer – Residence blessed by Goddess Kamakshi (Goddess of Love)
  35. Yama Yatra – Journey with Lord Yama (God of Death)
  36. Rudra Residency – Residence of Lord Rudra (Fierce Form of Shiva)
  37. Subramanya Sadan – Home of Lord Subramanya (God of War)
  38. Vaidehi Vatika – Garden of Sita (Wife of Lord Rama)
  39. Nirvana Nidhi – Wealth of Spiritual Liberation (State of Enlightenment)
  40. Uma Udyan – Garden of Goddess Uma (Wife of Lord Shiva)
  41. Ardhanarishvara Ashram – Abode of the Half-Male, Half-Female Deity (Shiva and Parvati in one form)
  42. Chandra Chhaya – Shade of the Moon God (God of the Moon)
  43. Kailasa Kutir – Dwelling in the Himalayas (Lord Shiva’s abode)
  44. Anandi Aashiana – Home of Eternal Bliss (Perpetual Happiness)
  45. Vrindavan Vatika – Garden in Vrindavan (Lord Krishna’s playground)
  46. Sita Samriddhi – Prosperity through Sita (Wife of Lord Rama)
  47. Matangi Manor – Residence blessed by Goddess Matangi (Goddess of Music)
  48. Dakshinamurti Dham – Abode of Lord Dakshinamurti (Teaching Form of Shiva)
  49. Yogananda Yatra – Journey of Self-Realization (Path of Yoga)
  50. Sharada Sadan – Home of Goddess Sharada (Goddess of Wisdom)
  51. Chitragupta Chaya – Shadow of Chitragupta (Recorder of Deeds)
  52. Ayyappa Ashram – Abode of Lord Ayyappa (God of Growth)
  53. Anantashayana – Eternal Resting Place (Lord Vishnu’s cosmic sleep)
  54. Kamadhenu Kuteer – Residence blessed by Kamadhenu (Divine Cow)
  55. Nataraja Nivas – Abode of Lord Nataraja (Lord of Dance)
  56. Brindavana Bhavan – Lord Krishna’s Sacred Grove
  57. Shakti Sadana – Dwelling of Divine Feminine Energy
  58. Kubera Kutir – Kubera’s Cottage (God of Wealth)
  59. Rukmini Ritu – Seasons of Rukmini (Wife of Lord Krishna)
  60. Muruga Mandir – Temple of Lord Muruga (Son of Shiva and Parvati)
  61. Yamunotri Yatra – Journey to the Source of Yamuna River
  62. Anandamaya Ashiyana – Abode of Bliss
  63. Vasudev Villa – Residence of Lord Vasudev (Father of Lord Krishna)
  64. Saraswati Shala – Saraswati’s School (Goddess of Learning)
  65. Maha Mrityunjaya Manor – Abode with the Great Death-Conquering Mantra
  66. Kashi Kuteer – Residence blessed by Kashi (City of Lord Shiva)
  67. Chitragupta Chintan – Reflection on Chitragupta (Consideration of One’s Deeds)
  68. Annapurna Ananda – Bliss of Goddess Annapurna
  69. Arunachala Ashram – Abode of Arunachala (Sacred Hill)
  70. Karthikeya Kuteer – Residence blessed by Karthikeya (God of War)
  71. Ganga Gaurav – Glory of the Ganges
  72. Mahakali Mahal – Palace of Goddess Mahakali
  73. Dhanvantari Dham – Abode of Lord Dhanvantari (God of Medicine)
  74. Shesha Shanti – Peace with Lord Shesha (Celestial Serpent)
  75. Ayodhya Aashiyana – Home in Ayodhya (City of Lord Rama)
  76. Meenakshi Mandir – Temple of Goddess Meenakshi
  77. Rishikesh Retreat – Retreat in the Holy City
  78. Rudra Ruchi – Divine Pleasure of Lord Rudra
  79. Vallabha Vatika – Garden of Divine Love
  80. Visheshwar Villa – Special Abode of Lord Shiva
  81. Devi Darshan – Vision of the Divine Goddess
  82. Kavya Kuteer – Residence blessed by Poetry
  83. Kalindi Kutir – Residence by the Yamuna River (Another name for the Yamuna)
  84. Tarakadhipati – Lord of the Stars (Referring to Lord Shiva)
  85. Vayu Vihar – Residence of Lord Vayu (God of Wind)
  86. Hemadri Heights – Heights of the Golden Mountain (Referring to the Himalayas)
  87. Gandharva Griha – House of the Celestial Musicians
  88. Yajna Yatra – Journey of Sacrifice
  89. Trilok Trupti – Contentment in the Three Worlds
  90. Shakti Sharanam – Refuge in Divine Feminine Energy
  91. Gopi Gokul – Village of the Gopis (Cowherd Girls)
  92. Sarayu Sannidhi – Presence by the Sarayu River (Associated with Ayodhya)
  93. Vaishno Vihara – Dwelling of Vaishno Devi
  94. Vayu Vihar – Abode of Lord Vayu (God of Wind)
  95. Haridwar Haven – Haven in the Gateway to God (Haridwar)
  96. Drona Dham – Abode of Guru Dronacharya
  97. Kalyana Kuteer – Blessed Residence
  98. Rudra Rasa – Essence of Lord Rudra
  99. Vedanta Vihar – Abode of Vedic Wisdom
  100. Shanti Sagar – Ocean of Peace

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