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Unique Jain Names for Your House with Meaning

Jain house names with meanings, presented in a tabular format

Hindi NameEnglish NameMeaning
सुखसागर (Sukh Sagar)Blissful OceanRepresents a peaceful and joyful abode
आत्मवृद्धि (Atma Vriddhi)Spiritual GrowthSignifies spiritual progress and development
अनंतधाम (Anant Dham)Infinite AbodeDenotes a place without boundaries or limits
धर्मनिकेतन (Dharm Niketan)Abode of VirtueA house known for its ethical and moral values
प्रेमवातिका (Prem Vatika)Garden of LoveRepresents a loving and harmonious dwelling
संतोषआश्रम (Santosh Ashram)Abode of ContentmentReflects a home filled with satisfaction
साक्षात्कारनिवास (Sakshatkar Nivas)Home of RealizationSymbolizes a place for spiritual awakening
अनुग्रहाश्रय (Anugraha Ashray)Shelter of BlessingsSignifies a place blessed with divine grace
शान्तिकुटी (Shanti Kutir)Peaceful AbodeA house known for its tranquility and calm
अहिंसानिवास (Ahimsa Nivas)Non-violence DwellingRepresents a home committed to non-violence
पुण्याश्रय (Punya Ashray)Abode of VirtueDenotes a place filled with good deeds
अक्षयाश्रम (Akshaya Ashram)Eternal AbodeSignifies a home that is everlasting
सुस्वागतम (Suswagatam)Warm WelcomeA name that signifies a hospitable home
संसारनिवास (Sansar Nivas)Worldly AbodeRepresents a house in the material world
आत्मिका (Atmika)SoulfulDenotes a dwelling focused on spiritualism
विकल्पनिवास (Vikalpa Nivas)Abode of ChoicesReflects a home with various possibilities
प्रेमगृह (Prem Gruha)House of LoveSymbolizes a dwelling filled with affection
सुप्रभातनिवास (Suprabhat Nivas)Home of Good MorningRepresents a house that welcomes positivity
आत्मसाक्षात्कार (Atma Sakshatkar)Self-RealizationDenotes a place focused on self-awareness
धर्ममहालय (Dharm Mahalay)Abode of DharmaRepresents a house dedicated to righteous living
विश्रामनिवास (Vishram Nivas)Restful AbodeSignifies a home known for relaxation
प्रेमशाला (Prem Shala)Hall of LoveA house filled with love and warmth
सुप्रीतनिवास (Supreet Nivas)Home of AffectionDenotes a dwelling filled with love and care
आत्मोद्दीपनिवास (Atma Uddipan Nivas)Abode of EnlightenmentSignifies a place for spiritual illumination
धन्यधाम (Dhanyadham)Blessed AbodeRepresents a fortunate and blessed home
अनुग्रहनिवास (Anugraha Nivas)Abode of GraceDenotes a home filled with divine blessings
सुखसदन (Sukh Sadan)House of HappinessSymbolizes a dwelling filled with joy
प्रेरणानिवास (Prerana Nivas)Inspirational AbodeRepresents a home that inspires and motivates
शान्तिवन (Shanti Van)Grove of PeaceA serene and peaceful dwelling
संतुलननिवास (Santulan Nivas)Balanced AbodeSignifies a home that maintains harmony
सुखप्रसाद (Sukh Prasad)Blissful BlessingA home that brings happiness and blessings
आत्मिन (Atmin)Self-awareDenotes a dwelling focused on self-awareness
पुरुषार्थानिवास (Purusharth Nivas)Abode of PurposeRepresents a home dedicated to life’s purpose
अभयनिवास (Abhay Nivas)Fearless AbodeSignifies a home that is free from fear
स्वर्गाश्रय (Swargashraya)Heavenly AbodeDenotes a house with a heavenly atmosphere
सर्वोत्तमनिवास (Sarvottam Nivas)Best AbodeRepresents a home considered the best
प्रसन्ननिवास (Prasanna Nivas)Cheerful AbodeA house known for its cheerful ambiance
सद्गृह (Sadgriha)Virtuous HomeSignifies a home known for its moral excellence
आत्मविकास (Atma Vikas)Self-developmentRepresents a dwelling focused on personal growth
सुसहजनिवास (Sushaj Nivas)Easy LivingDenotes a home known for its simplicity
आशीर्वादनिवास (Ashirwad Nivas)Abode of BlessingsRepresents a home filled with blessings
धन्यप्रदनिवास (Dhanyaprad Nivas)Abode of GratitudeSignifies a house that cultivates gratitude
प्रबुद्धनिवास (Prabuddha Nivas)Abode of WisdomRepresents a home focused on spiritual wisdom
सुखप्रदनिवास (Sukhaprad Nivas)Abode of HappinessA house that brings joy and happiness
प्रेरितनिवास (Prerit Nivas)Inspired AbodeSignifies a home that serves as a source of inspiration
आत्मार्थनिवास (Atmarth Nivas)Self-Sufficient HomeRepresents a dwelling focused on self-sufficiency
धर्मोपदेश (Dharmopadesh)Teachings of DharmaA house dedicated to imparting moral and ethical teachings
धन्यसदन (Dhanyasadan)Abode of BlessednessRepresents a home filled with gratitude and blessedness
प्रशांतिनिवास (Prashanti Nivas)Abode of PeaceSignifies a peaceful dwelling, free from disturbances
समृद्धिनिवास (Samriddhi Nivas)Abode of ProsperityA house associated with wealth and prosperity
पुण्यस्थान (Punyasthaan)Sacred PlaceRepresents a home considered sacred and holy
सुरम्यनिवास (Suramya Nivas)Beautiful AbodeDenotes a home known for its beauty and attractiveness
आनंदनिवास (Anand Nivas)Abode of BlissSignifies a dwelling filled with joy and bliss
प्रसन्नवातिका (Prasanna Vatika)Garden of SerenityA peaceful and serene garden setting
आराध्यानिवास (Aaradhya Nivas)Worshipful AbodeRepresents a home dedicated to worship and reverence
उपकारनिवास (Upkar Nivas)Abode of BenevolenceSignifies a house known for its charitable deeds
सम्मानितनिवास (Sammanit Nivas)Respected AbodeA home held in high regard and respect
सद्भावनिवास (Sadbhav Nivas)Abode of GoodwillRepresents a house known for its positive and harmonious atmosphere
आरोग्यनिवास (Arogya Nivas)Abode of HealthSignifies a home associated with good health and well-being
सुप्रीतिनिवास (Supriti Nivas)Abode of DelightRepresents a dwelling filled with delight and happiness
प्रेमाश्रम (Prema Ashram)Abode of LoveA house where love and affection are central
आत्मिकनिवास (Atmik Nivas)Abode of the SelfSignifies a home focused on self-realization and inner growth
सौभाग्यनिवास (Saubhagya Nivas)Abode of FortuneRepresents a house associated with good fortune and luck
धर्मसाधन (Dharm Sadhan)Practice of DharmaA house dedicated to the practice of righteous living
संयमनिवास (Sanyam Nivas)Abode of DisciplineSignifies a home associated with self-discipline and control
संतोषनिवास (Santosh Nivas)Abode of ContentmentRepresents a house filled with satisfaction and contentment
अमृतनिवास (Amrit Nivas)Abode of ImmortalitySignifies a home associated with eternal life and immortality
सुखदात्री (Sukh Datri)Bestower of HappinessRepresents a house known for bringing joy and happiness
आशीर्वादनिवास (Ashirwad Nivas)Abode of BlessingsDenotes a home filled with divine blessings and grace
सुरक्षानिवास (Suraksha Nivas)Abode of SafetySignifies a house known for providing a secure and protected environment

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