New and Unique Hebrew Christian House Names – 2024

Hebrew Christian House Names

For those seeking a meaningful and spiritually inspired name for their home, this list provides dozens of unique Hebrew Christian house name ideas and their translations. Drawing from biblical places, concepts, and phrases, these names beautifully blend the Hebrew heritage with the Christian faith. Whether you desire a name reflecting God’s presence, peace, healing, or praise, you’ll find a fitting option to sanctify your dwelling place. Let this collection inspire you to choose a sacred house name that celebrates your beliefs.

English NameHebrew NameMeaning
Bethel Houseבֵּית־אֵלHouse of God
Shalom Havenשָׁלוֹם פְּנִימָהPeace Inside
Emmanuel Residenceעִמָּנוּאֵל מְגוּרGod is with us (dwelling)
Zion Retreatצִיּוֹן מַרְפֵּאHealing Zion
Grace Manorחֵן בַּיִתHouse of Grace
Hosanna Houseהוֹשַׁעַנָּא בֵּיתSave us, O Lord House
Bethsaida Homeבֵּית־צַיְדָהHouse of Fishing
Gilead Retreatגִּלְעָד מַרְפֵּאHealing Gilead
Eden Dwellingעֵדֶן מְגוּרParadise Residence
Shekinah Houseשְׁכִינָה בֵּיתDwelling of God’s Presence
Galilee Havenגָּלִיל פְּנִימָהGalilee Inside
Hallelujah Homeהַלְלוּיָה בַּיִתPraise the Lord Home
Carmel Retreatכַּרְמֶל מַרְפֵּאVineyard of Healing
Negev Oasisמִדְבַּר נַחַלDesert Brook
Ebenezer Residenceאֶבֶן הָעָזֵר מְגוּרStone of Help Dwelling
Tabor Houseתָבוֹר בַּיִתHouse on the Mount
Sinai Sanctuaryסִינַי מִקְדָּשׁHoly Sinai
Gethsemane Havenגַּת שְׁמַנִּים פְּנִימָהOlive Press Inside
Maranatha Manorמָרַנָּא תָא בַּיִתLord, come Home
Nazareth Retreatנָצְרַת מַרְפֵּאHealing Nazareth
Bethphage Houseבֵּית־פַּגָּהHouse of Figs
Joppa Havenיָפוֹ פְּנִימָהJoppa Inside
Sharon Villaשָׁרוֹן וִילָהPlace of Fertility
Calvary Houseגַּלְגַּל וַיִּלSkull Hill Villa
Bethany Refugeבֵּית־עֲנִיָּהHouse of the Poor
Olivet Oasisהַר הַזֵּית מַקוֹםPlace of the Olive Mount
Jericho Manorיְרִיחוֹ בַּיִתHouse of Fragrance
Emmaus Dwellingאֱמָאוּס מְגוּרHot Springs Residence
Capernaum Havenכְּפַר נַחוּם פְּנִימָהVillage of Comfort Inside
Bethel Blessingבֵּית־אֵל בְּרָכָהHouse of God’s Blessing
Damascus Retreatדַּמֶּשֶׂק מַרְפֵּאHealing Damascus
Jezreel Sanctuaryיִזְרְעֶאל מִקְדָּשׁHoly Jezreel
Hebron Houseחֶבְרוֹן בַּיִתHouse of Friendship
Bethlehem Retreatבֵּית לֶחֶם מַרְפֵּאHealing Bethlehem
Cana Residenceכְּנָעַן מְגוּרDwelling of Cana
Bethsaida Blessingבֵּית־צַיְדָה בְּרָכָהHouse of Fishing Blessing
Tiberias Havenטְבֶרְיָה פְּנִימָהTiberias Inside
Jordan Villaהַירְדֵּן וִילָהJordan River Villa
Ephesus Houseאֶפֶס בַּיִתHouse of Ephesus
Zion Blessingצִיּוֹן בְּרָכָהZion Blessing
Horeb Retreatחֹרֵב מַרְפֵּאHealing Horeb
Ararat Refugeאֲרָרָט עֲזִיבָהMount Ararat Refuge
Hezekiah Havenחִזְקִיָּה פְּנִימָהInside Hezekiah
Ashdod Villaאַשְׁדוֹד וִילָהAshdod Villa
Shechem Sanctuaryשְׁכֶם מִקְדָּשׁHoly Shechem
Lebanon Lodgeלְבָנוֹן מַלוֹןLebanon Inn
Migdal Houseמִגְדַּל בַּיִתTower House
Havilah Havenחֲוִילָה פְּנִימָהInside Havilah
Bethesda Blessingבֵּיתֵסְדָּה בְּרָכָהHouse of Mercy Blessing
Goshen Residenceגֹּשֶׁן מְגוּרDwelling of Goshen

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