“SOR” Full Form in Construction: Two Key Meanings

"SOR" Full Form in Construction: Two Key Meanings

The abbreviation “SOR” holds two distinct meanings within the realm of construction, depending on the context:

1. Schedule of Rates (SOR):

This refers to a comprehensive document listing standard rates for various construction activities, materials, and equipment. It’s a crucial tool used by:

  • Public authorities: To estimate costs and prepare tenders for government-funded projects.
  • Contractors: To price tenders and contracts competitively.
  • Quantity surveyors: To ensure fair and consistent pricing across projects.

2. Site Operations Request (SOR):

In some construction organizations, “SOR” might signify a formal request for specific actions or resources at a project site. This could involve:

  • Ordering materials or equipment.
  • Scheduling specialized labor.
  • Requesting maintenance for machinery.

To determine the intended meaning:

  • Consider the context in which you encountered “SOR.” Was it related to cost estimation, tendering, or site operations?
  • Look for accompanying keywords or abbreviations like “rates,” “construction,” “project,” or “site.”

By understanding the context and these two possible interpretations, you can accurately decipher the meaning of “SOR” in your specific construction scenario.

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