Top 100 Sanskrit Names For Home: Elevate Your Home to Beauty and Spirituality

Top 100 Sanskrit Names For Home: Elevate Your Home to Beauty and Spirituality

Creating a harmonious and serene living space is a universal aspiration. Home, often referred to as the heart of our existence, holds the potential to reflect our innermost values and beliefs. In this blog post, we delve into the world of Sanskrit, an ancient language known for its richness and depth, to bring you a curated list of the top 100 Sanskrit names for homes. These names not only add a touch of elegance but also infuse a sense of spirituality and meaning into the very essence of your living space.

100 Sanskrit Names For Your Home –

  1. आशियान (Aashiyana) – Nest
  2. सुखस्थल (Sukhasthala) – Place of Happiness
  3. प्रियगृह (Priyagriha) – Beloved Home
  4. आनन्दकुटी (Anandakuti) – Abode of Bliss
  5. सुखाश्रय (Sukhashraya) – Shelter of Happiness
  6. सौभाग्यवान (Saubhagyavan) – Fortunate Dwelling
  7. प्रमोदाश्रम (Pramodashram) – Abode of Joy
  8. समृद्धिकुटी (Samriddhikuti) – Abode of Prosperity
  9. सौख्यगृह (Saukhyagriha) – Home of Well-being
  10. आत्मनिवास (Atmanivas) – Self-abode
  11. प्रीतिनिवास (Preetinivas) – Abode of Love
  12. सुखदान (Sukhadaan) – Giver of Happiness
  13. आनन्दाश्रय (Anandashraya) – Shelter of Bliss
  14. प्रियाश्रम (Priyashram) – Beloved Abode
  15. वासुदेवालय (Vasudevālaya) – Home of Vasudeva (Lord Krishna)
  16. सदानंदगृह (Sadanandagriha) – Home of Eternal Bliss
  17. शान्तिनिवास (Shantinivas) – Abode of Peace
  18. सुखप्रसाद (Sukhaprasad) – Grace of Happiness
  19. आनंदकुटीर (Anandakutir) – Cottage of Joy
  20. सौभाग्यगृह (Saubhagyagriha) – Home of Good Fortune
  21. प्रीतिकुटीर (Preetikutir) – Cottage of Love
  22. सुखमयनिवास (Sukhamayanivas) – Home of Joy
  23. समृद्धिनिवास (Samriddhinivas) – Abode of Prosperity
  24. प्रियाकुटीर (Priyakutir) – Cottage of Beloved
  25. आत्मनिवेश (Atmanivesha) – Dwelling of the Self
  26. सुखाश्रम (Sukhashrama) – Abode of Happiness
  27. प्रसन्नगृह (Prasannagriha) – Cheerful Home
  28. सौभाग्यगृह (Saubhagyagriha) – Home of Good Luck
  29. आदित्यनिवास (Adityanivas) – Abode of the Sun
  30. आरोग्यकुटी (Arogyakuti) – Cottage of Health
  31. सुखपुर (Sukhapura) – City of Happiness
  32. आनंदमयगृह (Anandamayagriha) – Home Full of Joy
  33. प्रियांगनिवास (Priyangnivas) – Abode of the Beloved
  34. श्रीगृह (Shrigriha) – Auspicious Home
  35. सुखसदन (Sukhasadan) – Abode of Comfort
  36. प्रमोदगृह (Pramodagriha) – Home of Delight
  37. सौभाग्यालय (Saubhagyalaya) – Abode of Good Fortune
  38. विश्रामकुटी (Vishramakuti) – Restful Cottage
  39. प्रियसदन (Priyasadan) – Beloved Dwelling
  40. सुखदन्त (Sukhadanta) – Giver of Joy
  41. शान्तिकुटीर (Shantikutir) – Cottage of Peace
  42. आदित्यगृह (Adityagriha) – Home of the Sun
  43. आनंदारण्य (Anandaranya) – Grove of Bliss
  44. प्रेमनिवास (Premanivas) – Abode of Love
  45. सौभाग्याश्रय (Saubhagyashraya) – Shelter of Good Fortune
  46. सुखमयसदन (Sukhamayasadan) – Abode of Joyful Living
  47. अनुरागालय (Anuragalaya) – Abode of Affection
  48. आनन्दमयकुटी (Anandamayakuti) – Cottage of Bliss
  49. प्रियसुख (Priyasukha) – Beloved Happiness
  50. सौख्यधाम (Saukhyadham) – Abode of Well-being
  51. धन्यगृह (Dhanyagriha) – Blessed Home
  52. शुभनिवास (Shubhanivas) – Auspicious Dwelling
  53. सुप्रीतगृह (Supreetagriha) – Home of Great Love
  54. आदित्याश्रम (Adityashrama) – Abode of the Sun
  55. प्रसन्ननिवास (Prasannanivas) – Cheerful Abode
  56. सुखदात्री (Sukhadatri) – Bestower of Happiness
  57. प्रेमालय (Premalaya) – Abode of Love
  58. आनंदाश्रय (Anandashraya) – Shelter of Joy
  59. सौभाग्यसदन (Saubhagyasadan) – Abode of Good Fortune
  60. प्रियालय (Priyalaya) – Dwelling of the Beloved
  61. आत्माराम (Atmarama) – Self-sufficient
  62. सुखकुटी (Sukhakuti) – Cottage of Happiness
  63. प्रियावास (Priyavas) – Beloved Abode
  64. विश्रामगृह (Vishramagriha) – Restful Home
  65. सुखपति (Sukhapati) – Lord of Happiness
  66. आनंदायित (Anandayita) – Delighting Home
  67. प्रीतिनिवास (Preetinivas) – Abode of Love
  68. सुखश्रय (Sukhashraya) – Shelter of Happiness
  69. प्रसन्नकुटी (Prasannakuti) – Cottage of Contentment
  70. सौभाग्यकुटीर (Saubhagyakutir) – Cottage of Good Fortune
  71. आनंदगृह (Anandagriha) – Home of Joy
  72. प्रियागृह (Priyagriha) – Beloved Home
  73. शान्तिनिवास (Shantinivas) – Abode of Peace
  74. सुखालय (Sukhalaya) – Abode of Happiness
  75. समृद्धिनिवास (Samriddhinivas) – Abode of Prosperity
  76. प्रीतिकुटीर (Preetikutir) – Cottage of Love
  77. आनंदमयगृह (Anandamayagriha) – Home Full of Joy
  78. प्रियांगनिवास (Priyangnivas) – Abode of the Beloved
  79. सुखपुर (Sukhapura) – City of Happiness
  80. आनंदारण्य (Anandaranya) – Grove of Bliss
  81. प्रेमनिवास (Premanivas) – Abode of Love
  82. सौभाग्याश्रय (Saubhagyashraya) – Shelter of Good Fortune
  83. सुखमयसदन (Sukhamayasadan) – Abode of Joyful Living
  84. अनुरागालय (Anuragalaya) – Abode of Affection
  85. आनन्दमयकुटी (Anandamayakuti) – Cottage of Bliss
  86. प्रियसुख (Priyasukha) – Beloved Happiness
  87. सौख्यधाम (Saukhyadham) – Abode of Well-being
  88. धन्यगृह (Dhanyagriha) – Blessed Home
  89. शुभनिवास (Shubhanivas) – Auspicious Dwelling
  90. सुप्रीतगृह (Supreetagriha) – Home of Great Love
  91. आदित्याश्रम (Adityashrama) – Abode of the Sun
  92. प्रसन्ननिवास (Prasannanivas) – Cheerful Abode
  93. सुखदात्री (Sukhadatri) – Bestower of Happiness
  94. प्रेमालय (Premalaya) – Abode of Love
  95. आनंदाश्रय (Anandashraya) – Shelter of Joy
  96. सौभाग्यसदन (Saubhagyasadan) – Abode of Good Fortune
  97. प्रियालय (Priyalaya) – Dwelling of the Beloved
  98. आत्माराम (Atmarama) – Self-sufficient
  99. सुखकुटी (Sukhakuti) – Cottage of Happiness
  100. प्रियावास (Priyavas) – Beloved Abode
  1. आशियान (Aashiyana) – Nest: A name that evokes warmth and comfort, turning your home into a cozy sanctuary.
  2. सुखस्थल (Sukhasthala) – Place of Happiness: Transform your dwelling into a haven of joy with this delightful name.
  3. प्रियगृह (Priyagriha) – Beloved Home: Infuse love into the very fabric of your living space with this endearing name.
  4. आनन्दकुटी (Anandakuti) – Abode of Bliss: Elevate your home to a realm of joy and tranquility with this spiritually charged name.
  5. सुखाश्रय (Sukhashraya) – Shelter of Happiness: Make your home a refuge of joy and contentment with this aptly named suggestion.

Why Sanskrit Names?

Sanskrit, often regarded as the language of the gods, has a profound impact on the vibrational energy of words. Each Sanskrit name carries a unique significance, resonating with deeper meanings that can imbue your home with positivity and grace.

Choosing the Perfect Name:

Selecting a name for your home is a personal and intimate process. Consider the atmosphere you wish to create and the emotions you want to evoke. Whether it’s a sense of peace, love, or prosperity, each name on this list is carefully chosen to offer a diverse range of options.

A Glimpse into Sanskrit Wisdom:

Let’s explore a few names from the list:

  • प्रसन्नगृह (Prasannagriha) – Cheerful Home: Ideal for infusing a sense of cheer and positivity into your living space.
  • शान्तिनिवास (Shantinivas) – Abode of Peace: Perfect for creating a tranquil haven that fosters inner peace and serenity.
  • सौभाग्यगृह (Saubhagyagriha) – Home of Good Fortune: Invite prosperity and good luck into your home with this auspicious name.

Incorporating Sanskrit Names:

Once you’ve chosen the perfect name for your home, consider incorporating it into various aspects of your living space. From personalized décor items to housewarming gifts, the possibilities are endless.


Incorporating a Sanskrit name into your home is more than just adding a linguistic touch – it’s about infusing your living space with positive energy and profound meanings. Explore the full list, discover the names that resonate with you, and embark on a journey to elevate your home to new heights of beauty and spirituality.

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